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As I am sitting here at my desk thinking of all the myriad of things I have to do to get ready for vacation, my first panicky thought is who's going to care for our two dogs. Then, a second passes and I realize that I had already made arrangements with Pet Sitting on the Run to come in and take care of them. Immediately most of the stress of preparing for vacation is gone. Pet Sitting on the Run makes leaving our dogs seamless and stress-free. We have been using Lydia and her crew for nearly 12 years and we always come back to well-taken-care-of dogs who have stayed in their owns homes and do not suffer from the dreaded kennel cough. I have no reservations about leaving our dogs in Lydia's care. I highly recommend Pet Sitting on the run and regularly entrust the care of our two animal family members to their care..

- Valerie

We have been using Pet Sitting On The Run for 3 years for our cat, Joon. We are very pleased with their service and reliability. They also check on the mail, newspapers, and lights which is very much appreciated and gives us peace of mind while we are away.

- Jean & Frank Burke

Pet Sitting on the Run gave us a lot of peace of mind when we were at work and out-of-town. We felt very reassured knowing that a loving, caring person was coming in, every day, to play with and watch over our 2 dogs (Taffy and Zibbi) and their 3 sibling cats (Norm, Mousse, and Oreo). ALL 5 enjoyed the mid-day snacks, while our dogs - especially Zibbi (the "baby" of the family) - REALLY loved the extra daily pets and attention they received. We would DEFINITELY recommend Pet Sitting on the Run if you are looking for warm, caring, reliable, and high quality pet sitting services. They were the next best thing to being able to be home with them ourselves. Thank you!

- Anne & Jerry Spelic and Family (Taffy, Zibbi, Norm, Mousse, and Oreo)

Lydia always does a top-notch job. She's caring and conscientious and we would never use anyone else to sit our cat.”

- Stacy

"Pet Sitting on the Run goes beyond great! I travel weekly and I firmly believe that Sullivan and Millie (as did their predecessors, Steve and Boogers) trust Lydia as much as they do me. And I trust her implicitly with their health and welfare. Lydia has been my “kitty mom” for nine years. She’s made emergency vet trips, called me if things weren't’t quite right -- and she ALWAYS sweeps around the litter box. ”

- Sandra

"No one but Lydia and PSOTR can deal with a fellow as big and difficult as me."

- Jae

When my Dad goes away for work, my pals at Pet Sitting on the Run treat me like the princess I am and Dad doesn't feel so guilty.

- Michael

I had been off of work for almost two years. During that time, we had added Wolf to our family as a puppy and adopted his older brother, Jake. I was anxious about going back to work since Wolf had never been alone and the buddy thing wasn't really working out with his big brother.

When I first met Lydia, I knew I had the right service. She got right down on the floor with “the boys” and they just loved her. Since then, I have had the opportunity to see the boys greet Kim. She get as warm of a welcome as I do! (I'm sure it's ONLY because she takes them for a W-A-L-K and gives them a T-R-E-A-T.) I can go to work with peace of mind, knowing that my boys are getting a nice visit in the middle of the day.

My situation is also unique in that I work on an as needed basis. That means that my schedule is erratic at times. Lydia and Kim have been very flexible with me. They always get the schedule right even though it changes… sometimes at the last minute. I am completely satisfied with the service from Pet Sitting On The Run.

- Sheryl

I have been a secure and happy member of the “PSOTR” family for several years now. Lydia, Kim, Sue & Becky have cared for my 3 large dogs as if they were their own! I feel completely secure in the knowledge that my house and “my Babies” are in excellent loving hands!

- Karen

We really wanted to get a puppy, but we both work full time during the day. Pet Sitting On The Run allowed us to have our puppy, without having to worry about coming home to a mess! Lydia's service is extremely professional and reliable, and so are her subcontractors. Kim has been taking care of Jake since he was a baby, and he just adores her! We don't even cancel service when we're off, because Jake enjoys his walks so much! I can't say enough about the peace of mind that comes with having Pet Sitting On The Run! It's been 2 years now and still, their quality and reliability are second to none!

- Jim, Staci, & Jake
We were very impressed by the thorough interview process. The service is dependable and our walker is thoughtful, leaving descriptive notes on the events of the visit. Our dogs love their time with Kim.

- Jill & Bob
Pet Sitting On The Run is a reliable, competent and , most importantly caring service for my cats with medical conditions. My 2 cats need daily care, including fluid administration. Since I am not able to myself perform these tacks, it is very comforting to know that Pet Sitting On The Run is there for me and my cats.

- Joanne
For several years Lydia has taken care of my dog Freckles. I am very happy with the care she has given Freckles and Freckles loves her. She is trust worthy and efficient and I don't have a worry when she is in charge. Not only does she take care of my dog but is very thoughtful in leaving lights on for me or taking garbage cans out if need be. I highly recommend Lydia and “Pet Sitting On The Run.”

As a long standing regular customer, I can honestly say that I don't know what I would do without Pet Sitting On The Run. I especially appreciate the flexibility and reliability of the service. I can concentrate on my work outside of the home with the absolute confidence that my pets will be taken care of, lovingly and on schedule, every time, even with my crazy schedule!

- Tamara
My German Shepherd, Trina, is the love of my life. Trina and I adopted each other shortly after I relocated to the Wheaton area almost two years ago. If I hadn't met Lydia, I never would have known the joy of Trina because I would not have been able to bring her into my home given my daily commute to Chicago. Lydia is dependable conscientious; I never have to wonder if Trina is taken for her midday walk - I know she's being taken care of when I can't be there. And , equally important, Trina loves Lydia! I've seen them together and I see how happy Trina is when Lydia comes by. Trina and I are both fortunate to have Lydia in our lives!

- Linda
Pet Sitting On The Run have been a blessing for us and for our dog, Leini. They have shown complete reliability with our regular schedule, and flexibility during vacations, social obligations, and business travel when we've needed extra help. Pet Sitting On The Run's trustworthiness has given us the comfort of knowing our Leini is safe and well taken care of in our absence. We appreciate the bond Kim has formed with her.

- Jodi, Eric & Leini
Pet Sitting On The Run has been providing outstanding care for our 15 month old aussie since we brought her home as a puppy. They've been very reliable, conscientious and flexible with schedule changes. They do it all… give medications and provide exercise rain or shine. They even call us at work when they discovered that the dog chewed on an electric cord to ask how we wanted the situation handled. We feel completely comfortable turning over the care of our dog to them and feel fortunate to have found them.

- Catherine & Scott
I am so pleased with Pet Sitting On The Run! What peace of mind I have knowing that my dogs are in such capable hands.

- Christa
“Pet Sitting On The Run has been my dog-walking service for over a year now. We started using them shortly after my older dog Luci died a year ago, and by then my current dog Belle needed extra loving attention, which Pet Sitting On The Run gives her. I have since acquired a second dog Chance. Kim is our dog walker and they both are so in love with her. I know that I can rely on Kim to give them the attention, love, and discipline that they need. Pet Sitting On The Run is dependable, inexpensive and joy to have in our lives. I know that if I have a last minute emergency and require their service, they will go out of their way to accommodate us, even if it's a holiday.”

- Caryn
About two years ago I moved from Cincinnati and not knowing anyone I had no idea how my cats would be taken care of when I had to travel. They had never been boarded, and that was not an option for me. I found Lydia and was instantly impressed by her caring way with my cats and here high level of professionalism. I travel frequently for both job and pleasure, which leaves my home empty a lot. I know that I can always count on Lydia to take care of the cats, pick up the mail, the newspapers, and make my house look lived in when I am out of town. One of my cats has to take a heart pill daily, and I feel completely secure and comfortable in having this responsibility taken care of by Lydia. The cats love to have the pet sitters visit, and I know they are getting a lot of attention because they are always calm and content when I arrive home. It's a total feeling of security for me to have Bootsie and Ashley taken care of by Pet Sitting On The Run.

- Kim
Pet Sitting On The Run has always been there for me when I've needed their services, even on the shortest of notice. It's particularly nice to have someone who can shuttle Nikki back and forth to the vet (if need be) without my needing to take time off from work. And anyone who can handle that little rascal and come back for more, day after day, is definitely committed to what she does. Or she should be committed… either or , really…

- Tony
We love our dog walker Lydia. She comes over everyday and takes us out- she even plays with us too!! We never feel lonely b/c we know that Lydia will soon be there to see us. Sometimes she even comes and feeds us dinner. We don't know what we would do with out her.

- Macy, Duncan, Emily and Susan
It has given my great peace of mind knowing that my pets are being card for by PSOTR while I am at work or on vacation. PSOTR has been caring for my pets since January 2002.

- Claudia
Lydia and Kim of Pet Sitting On The Run are a great team. These ladies are extremely responsible and trustworthy and are always doing what's best for my pets. One of my dogs is nearly 18 years old and they have been very patient and kind with him. I highly recommend their service!! Sparky past in Aug. 2003.

- Cheryl
Lydia has taken care of my two golden retrievers since I moved to the area a year and a half ago. In addition to regular midday visits, she provides lots of support with my sometimes hectic travel schedule. Reilly and Katie LOVE her visits, walks and company! I have found Lydia to be very attentive to their needs and she has provided me with complete peace of mind anytime I'm away from home. She treats my two pets as if they were her own. I highly recommend Pet Sitting On The Run- I don't know what I would do without them.

- Linda
Pet Sitting On The Run has been great! My “girls” just love Lydia. Lydia has never missed an appointment and has been very accommodating with our schedules. Using this service gives me one less thing to worry about-it's great!

- Maureen
I have had midday walks for my 3 Labs for about one year now. This has been the investment I have made for them. I now have such peace of mind when I am at work that someone is checking in on them during the day and providing them with care and love. I know they look forward to their visits each day. Doggie kisses to you from Dolly, Libby and Maggie!!

I have also used Pet Sitting On The Run to watch my dogs when I have been on vacation. It is great for them to be able to stay in their own home where they are comfortable and have someone come spend time with them. Knowing that they are being will taken care of allows me to enjoy my trip.

- Ann
Lydia has taken care of my pets since she took over the business from a previous dog walker. At that time I had just one dog, Taz, who dearly loves her and looked forward each day to his walks. I have since acquired another dog, Keisha, who also loves her and enjoys her walks. Lydia gives me peace of mind during the work day, if I have to stay late or have to travel out of town. I know my dogs are well cared for in my absence. She walks them every day during the work week and many times I have called her to take care of them in the evening or on weekends - walking and feeding them. She also does other things like bringing in the mail, the garbage cans, leaving lights on at night, etc. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have PET SITTING ON THE RUN to rely on. Hopefully, Lydia will be walking dogs for many years to come. Taz, Keisha and I love her.

- Marilyn
I was a customer of Pet Sitting On The Run (PSOTR) for a little over a year- Lydia and her team cared for my 11 year old Golden Retriever, Maggie. I have since moved out of the area and we miss PSOTR terribly. Maggie had excellent care, the times I happened to be home I saw Maggie anxiously greet her sitter.

In addition, PSOTR does little "extras", bring in garbage cans and bring in the mail. When I had to leave for overnights PSOTR turned on/off lights,raised/lowered shades and put the radio or TV on to make Maggie less lonely and make the house appear lived in. PSOTR definitely gives you piece of mind!

- Kim
My work requires frequent and sometimes unexpected travel. With reasonable notice, Pet Sitting On The Run has been able to accommodate my hectic schedule and offered peace of mind concerning the care and well being of my 17 year old cat, who is a member of the family. I highly recommend Pet Sitting On The Run! Sadly, Tara past in Nov. 2003.

- Kieran
Leaving your pet behind when traveling for business or pleasure is a lot like sending your first child off to college. You hope someone will provide that child comfort, food, and a hug every so often. You put your trust in the fact that someone, someplace out there,will take over for you while you're separated. Lydia Dabbert provides that trust. And the comfort. And the food,water,treats,and nice long walks. And the hugs, and the pets on his goofy little head. Most anybody can walk a dog I suppose. It takes a special person to care for the animal as if it were her own. Lydia Dabbert is that special person. I wish I could take her with me to Arizona. Pokey wishes I could too.

- Doug, A Longtime Client & Fan

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